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Konnected endeavours to help organizations implement people-centered wellness programs through applied research and innovation. 

Led by Dr. Matias Golob, our research and development spans projects with clients of all sizes, engaging employees to come together and participate in designing, implementing and evaluating innovative initiatives.

Wellness Platform Management


We know that technology management often is a challenge for corporate wellness program managers. Even if your organization has skilled administrators, you might want your team to focus on other prioritized IT projects. Our services are aimed to offload your team from most, if not all, work concerning the administration of the wellness platform.

We help clients with day-to-day management tasks, including handling member requests and technical support, managing member data and reporting requirements, creating engaging campaigns and communications, updating educational content and resources, configuring tools and features, implementing and evaluating initiatives.

In addition to our standard offerings, we offer solutions tailored to client needs. These offerings includes a variety of our own developed products/tools to improve the user experience.


To Build A Culture Of Wellness, Engage Your Employees As Partners

Engaging employees as partners in the design, implementation, and evaluation of wellness initiatives is a promising approach to optimize the impact and sustainability of corporate wellness programs.

Nature: The Element Missing from Your Workplace Wellness Program

People, on average, spend 90% of their day inside! When considering the structure of your workplace wellness program, the need for nature should not be ignored.

The Human Factor: The Importance of Embedding Social Connectedness Within Workplace Wellness Programs

With social isolation and loneliness being a growing problem, social connectedness should be seen as a priority in the design of workplace wellness programs.

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